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in being v.p. she is pro-choice, and she, of course, you know, was such -- close to george w. bush, she brings up the iraq war and weapons of mass destruction and all of that. so some of the journalists purport it to be fair by saying drudge reported it but there's not much time of it happening. they still gave it airtime. why is that? >> man, i was with my good conservative buddy, pat buchanan, when the news broke on this. and he was just outraged at the notion. that's how many conservatives view a possible -- possibility of condi rice as a candidate. many on the left are outraged over her connections to the iraq war, et cetera, et cetera. and she herself has expressed no interest. i take her at her word. but kbryeah, for one thing, dru has credibility with reporters because they all have -- many as their home page. i've seen this. because of exposure to it. when he has a big headline, folks say, well, drudge is well connected with the romney campaign and others, must be something to this. you know, there's no other evidence anywhere, howard. >> sometimes his scoops are right. this one
%. gennifer flowers was going on. bush in 2000, 37%. george hfmt w. bush -- these were not spectacular numbers. midsummer, americans don't like politicians much. >> especial when when you're getting pounded by both sides. both candidates' unfavorable rating up in the latest poll. let me come back to the likability question. is the whole thing overdone by the press? maybe this year the public will want somebody who can fix the economy and doesn't particularly care if it's the most charming person on the planet. >> well, look, i think one of the things holding obama up despite the bad economy is the -- the likability numbers. seems to be giving him a couple more point -- >> this is a legitimate story in your view? >> i think it's legitimate. i think actually because of the polarized electorate, these guys have a very narrow range they operate in. both their approval and their likability. romney's approval or likability is never going to get that low, at least not in this election because the -- the base of the republican party is going to support him. same with obama. they have a -- a -- >> i've
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)